Currently on sale . Villa Park . Hubertusstr. 27 . Grünwald . One more villa available

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already sold

Currently on sale . Villa Park . Ludwig-Ganghofer-Straße. 41 . Grünwald

Building culture

Our promise

With MAVITA Properties, our customers buy more than just a unique property. They also buy the MAVITA Group’s promise: to build a property for them that is unique in every respect. A property that perfectly reflects the individual aspirations of its owner. One of the reasons our properties can be so unique is our extensive range of samples, which allow us to satisfy almost every special request our buyers may have. When it comes to realisation, we work with the best craft firms in the region.

Interior design

Because we believe a home is more than just a place, we are committed to making sure our customers feel as comfortable as possible. We design custom-made interiors with creativity, intelligence, expertise and a feel for aesthetics. Our houses boast exceptional rooms where our customers can enjoy the benefits of balanced and authentic interior design.

Direct customer commissions

We are happy for our customers to commission us to plan and/or construct their residential property. We can also realise luxury renovations and extensions to existing properties. Our customers benefit from our in-house architects, planners and designers. When it comes to implementation, our clients can rely on our tried-and-tested network of construction firms and specialists. We are also experts in interior design. From planning to the finished concept. We fit out houses, apartments and commercial properties. In conjunction with our own production partners or well-known furniture makers.

We realise all electrical and heating/water/ventilation works with our own companies and expert firms.

We have recently added energy-saving measures to our portfolio, especially the planning and construction of photovoltaic systems.


Nördliche Münchner Straße 30
82031 Grünwald

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